TRW Readers 1

TRW Readers are a collection of beautifully illustrated stories to help your students READ!

TRW Readers are a collection of beautifully illustrated phonics-based stories and activities for first-time and developing young readers. Fun characters and exciting stories capture the imagination of the reader and make TRW Readers the perfect reading supplement for your students. The stories are designed for use with ELF Learning’s Think Read Write 1, but can be used successfully with any phonics-based curriculum!

Key Points:

  • Colorful Picture Dictionary encourages students to learn dictionary skills and new words prior to reading each story.
  • Blending and Matching exercises for each story builds reading fluency and comprehension.
  • Stories 1 and 2 start with only 10 letters and build from there! Students can enjoy learning to read soon!
  • Each story introduces one new sight word (non-decodable word).
  • The detailed and colorful illustrations make it easy to create pre-reading and interactive reading exercises.
  • Word count of each story increases gradually (24~114 words).
  • Text-only versions of each story at the back of the book are great for review and reading fluency, especially in a classroom setting where some students may finish earlier than others.
  • FREE flashcard and audio downloads available! Perfect for home or classroom use.

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