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Category: Phonics

Phonics Bubbles 2 Card Game

Phonics BUBBLES 2 is an EASY to LEARN and FUN to PLAY phonics card game for higher-level phonics instruction from ELF Learning!

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Phonics Bubbles 1 Card Game

Phonics BUBBLES is the first in a series of EASY to LEARN and FUN to PLAY card games from ELF Learning! The BUBBLES Card Game is based on Go Fish! and Concentration (Memory Game). Phonics BUBBLES has 2 levels – Basic Phonics and Advanced Phonics (digraphs and diphthongs). There are 26 pairs of cards in…

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Think Read Write Series

Think Read Write is a 3-level, phonics-based vocabulary series designed to get kids reading and writing with a smile on their face.

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