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Created by parents and teachers, a fun collection of songs for kids, parents and teachers in the classroom, at home or on the go! From slower melodies for younger children to energetic, stomp-and-dance tracks, there’s a little something for EVERYONE! 🙂

Lyrics Sheets available here!

The 18-song set covers basic concepts and themes such as Greetings (Hello and Goodbye), Numbers, Colors, Body Parts, Animals, Actions, Family, Daily Activities and Phonics. It also includes a great Clean Up song with a bouncy Caribbean rhythm that gets kids moving FAST!

There are slow and fast versions of several tracks, which allow children to “graduate” from one track to another. Especially popular tracks include: “0 5 10 (Fast),” “Walk Around the Farm,” “This is ME! (Fast),” “Clean Up” and “Can an Elephant Jump?”

Kids Songs 1 (Let’s Talk A Walk) by ELF Learning is the perfect addition to any young learner’s classroom or home.


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