Flashcards are effective teaching tools loved by teachers all over the world for their flexibility and simplicity. ELF Flashcards combine clear artwork that kids love and are packed with information to help teachers get more out of them. Key points:

  • All flashcard sets have at least one accompanying video which is free to view on YouTube.
  • The front of the cards are numbered and have large, clear images.
  • Backs of cards feature the target word in the center with a short sentence or phase below to help contextualize the word for the student.
  • Many of the sets have the key word broken into individual phonemes and/or syllables.

All ELF flashcard vocabulary sets contain 48 cards (front + back) and our phonics sets include 52 cards (front and back) each. Please see our, “How to Print and Laminate Flashcards” video here.

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