Think Read Write

What is Think Read Write?

Think Read Write is an exciting phonics-based textbook/workbook combo. The 3-Level Series is designed to make learning to read and write FUN for the homeschooler or ESL/EFL student (and teacher!).

This series will challenge children and inspire them to read and write with a SMILE!

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Download all flash cards for STARTER Level HERE!

Download all flash cards for Level 1 HERE!

Download all flash cards for Level 2 HERE!

Download the Corrected #33 Audio Track for Page 26.

For what aged learner is it designed?

The vocabulary, line spacing, activities and font are ideal for children aged 4~6 (Starter), 5~10 (Level 1) and 6~12 (Level 2).  Although designed for an EFL environment, the content works well for grade 1 and 2 in a native learning situation.

What will my students learn?

  • Starter Level introduces basic phonemes, the alphabet and helps develop hand strength and dexterity for successful letter formation later. Book 1 covers the 26 letters of the alphabet and the phonemes they represent.  Book 2 covers 26 of the most common digraph and trigraph graphemes.  Together, the 3 books cover 40 English phonemes and 55 graphemes.
  • Reading and writing activities on every page help students learn how to construct (writing) and deconstruct (reading) words as they acquire a fundamental knowledge of basic phonics.
  • Beautiful illustrations (nouns, verbs, adjectives and more) that children want to learn build useful vocabulary for language creation and comprehension.

Does it have media support?

Think Read Write comes with a CD in the back and free online YouTube videos.  A DVD and FREE flashcards are also available.


How do I use Think Read Write?

It can be used as a stand-alone classroom text (taking 5-20mins of your class time) or as a homeschooling or homework resource.  Each letter is introduced in the same way allowing you and your students to develop a keen understanding of how the book works.  The activity pages focus on early reading techniques and provide variation and increasing challenges!

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