ELF Music

ELF Music

Welcome to ELF's Music Page!  There are many wonderful songs and CDs available for teaching English.  We wanted to contribute. :)


When ELF started writing and performing music, we let our experience and students guide us.  What do they enjoy?  Can they understand the lyrics? Can they gesture to them?  Can they later be used for deeper learning?

As we wrote, recorded and tested our songs in the classroom, we learned that music needs to be fun and easy-to-understand, but also contain enough of a challenge to allow teachers and students the opportunity to discover new and deeper levels of usefulness.

We think we've achieved that with, "Let's Take A Walk." Listen to samples here and download at the link below!  For CD orders, please contact us through the Contact Section above.

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Outside of Japan, you can order or download the tracks below.

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